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ProVision System Requirements

6connect Locally Hosted Instance

Initial application installation is included with the purchase of a license from 6connect. If modifications need to be made, we recommend contacting 6connect prior to any changes to ensure there is no negative impact to production systems or product functionality.

Hardware Requirements: 

The optimum resource mix will be based on page views/refreshes. A larger concurrent user base with constant editing may benefit from additional RAM.
The minimum recommended hardware is:

ProcessorDual-core Xeon class processor or equivalent Quad-core Xeon
Storage20 GB100GB

*Virtual instances are also acceptable. We have confirmed functionality with Citrix Xen Essentials, VMware, KVM, etc.

 VMware Statement of Support

6connect, Inc. will support customers who run 6connect ProVision products on supported Operating Systems, irrespective of whether they are running in VMware environments or not. 6connect, Inc. supports Operating Systems, not specific hardware configurations. Accordingly, VMware operates as a hardware abstraction layer.

VMware supports a set of certified Operating Systems and Hardware, and the customer and VMware will be responsible for any interactions or issues that arise at the Hardware or Operating System layer as a result of their use of VMware.

6connect, Inc. will not require clients to recreate and troubleshoot every issue in a non-VMware environment; however, 6connect, Inc. does reserve the right to request our customers to diagnose certain issues in a native certified Operating System environment, operating without the virtual environment. 6connect, Inc.   will only make this request when there is reason to believe that the virtual environment is a contributing factor to the issue.

Any time spent on investigation of problems that may, in the sole opinion of 6connect, Inc. be related to VMware, will be handled in the following fashion:

1) 6connect, Inc. will provide standard support to all 6connect ProVision products.

2) If a problem is encountered while 6connect ProVision is/are running in a VMware environment, the client may be required to recreate the problem on a non-VMware server unit, at which time 6connect, Inc. will provide regular support.

3) The client can authorize 6connect, Inc. to investigate the VMware related items at normal time and materials rates. If such investigation shows that the problem is VMware related, the client may contract 6connect, Inc. to provide a software change to resolve the issue if such a resolution is possible.

4) Regardless of the problem type or source, if the problem is determined to be a non VMware related issue - time spent on investigation and resolution will be covered as part of regular maintenance, and support will be provided as usual.

Software Requirements: 

Base Software Needed:

Operating SystemLinux/BSD/OSX 
Apache Apache 2.4

MySQL Triggers

6connect does not support custom MySQL triggers at this time - please email if you have any questions.


Port Requirements:

Open outbound ports 443 and port 80

  • is used for license check

  • validates the IP address of the machine to communicate with the licensing server

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