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IPAM Administration is accessed through the Admin area of ProVision. It includes sections to manage IPAM Lists, the Holding Tank, LIR, and IPAM Configuration.

IPAM Lists Management

These links are to the respective IPAM Parameters that are available for customization - tags, regions, and subnets. Go to the IPAM Parameters page for more details and examples for customization.

IPAM Configuration

Holding Tank Days: This is the number of days that a block will be held in "Holding" status before being available to be moved to the Available pool, and thus ready to be assigned. By default this is initially set to 30 days.

IPv4 Block Scanner Enable: This is a beta feature that allows a user to scan a block of IPv4 space and show host counts of responding addresses.

IPv4 Block Scanner Max Block Size: The max size (mask) the IPv4 Block Scanner considers.

Regions Enable: Check the box to enable "Region" tags for IP blocks. This will add a "Region" column to the IPAM Manage screen.  Values may be set from "Edit IPAM Regions" under IPAM Admin - IPAM Lists Management.

Generic Code Per Block Enable: Check this box to enable this function. This will enable an additional custom field per IP Block.

Generic Code Per Block Display: Check this box to display this custom field.

Generic Code Per Block Name: This is the label that will be displayed for the Generic Code field.

Enable VLAN per Block: This toggle allows users to specify VLANs via the "Edit Tag" function. With this feature enabled, you can filter by VLAN tag in the primary IPAM interface.

RIPE Database: Select the desired database

Show /32 or /128 mask for statics: Enable to show /32 or /128 masks.

Merge after unassign: Select to automatically merge adjacent blocks when they become available after unassign.

Holding Tank Management

When IPv4/IPv6 resources are reclaimed, they are placed into the "Holding Tank". This feature allows for a block to stay out of the available address pools until the administrator approves it. Go to the Holding Tank Management page for more details.

LIR Management and Use

ProVision supports multiple LIRs from the UI. This allows users to select from various LIRs when they want to update SWIP/RPSL information for a subnet allocation. Go to the LIR Management and Use page for more details.


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